Why You Should Insure Your Horse

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Owning a horse is a huge investment. They are large, lifelong partners that can develop to serve many different roles in your life; whether that be racing, agriculture or pleasure. Why not guarantee your investment is protected?

Medical Insurance

Horse medical insurance can be tailored to your unique budget and expectations. It can be used in the eventuality of health issues that require anything from a one-time treatment to surgery. Variables such as bloodline, occupation and skills can be used to predict what types of medical expenses may be more likely for your particular equine companion, in order to inform a more accurate coverage option.

Life Insurance

Full coverage can be taken out to protect against loss in the event of the death or theft of your horse. The coverage can include both natural and accidental mortality. If you are sure you will be in possession of a horse for a long period of time this type of insurance could be a good idea. However, you do need to enact the policy while the horse is still in good physical condition.

Peril Insurance

This type of insurance acts similarly to life insurance, but you are only covered if your horse’s mortality results from specific disaster-related causes. These causes can include extreme weather such as lightning strikes, floods, cyclones or earthquakes. They can also include man-made disasters such as building collapses, fires or falling objects. If you live in an area where things like this are likely to happen, like the coast or a tornado zone, this is a worthwhile option to consider.

Raising a horse to its full potential can incur a lot of different types of risk, as they are long-lived and high-maintenance animals. The amount of time and money involved usually justify insurance of varying levels. Be smart about your equine and give it the best chance to succeed!