Will Drink And Drive accident be covered under Auto Insurance?

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The Basics of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a type of insurance which protects the vehicle as well as the owner against losses/damage done. Auto insurance usually is provided for two-wheelers, cars and commercial vehicles. These are some of the coverage elements that online car insurance offers protection against

  • All bodily harms or injury to the policyholder.
  • All property damages associated with third parties.
  • This insurance also covers medical payments for the owner as well as the respective passengers.

Will Driving under the influence of alcohol be covered under Car Insurance?

DUI or Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs is subject to penalties under ‘The Indian Penal Code’. It is illegal and can lead to severe penalties as per law. However, under an Auto Insurance plan, the insurance company will pay for the respective losses as long as the event under consideration is accidental.

In such a scenario, the auto-insurance company will provide the respective payments but do note that the insurance rates will skyrocket through the roof after such an incident. In certain auto insurance policies some insurance companies can also implement other DUI penalties such as cancellation or non-renewal of your policy.

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It is recommended to not drive under the influence as

a) It is illegal
b) It is terrible for one’s financial health.

Obtaining a car insurance can be challenging after the drink and drive accident case. Depending upon the your driving record and other risk factors involved the insurance company may cancel your insurance policy application in certain case if provided; the interest rates could increase by 25% or more. Hence, it is always recommendable to obey the law and principles of driving as it will help you to save your image and money in many cases.